Photo by Taro Moberly
Check out his breathtaking photography:

This captivating and exquisite photo which forms the artwork for this mix was shot by Taro Moberly. He is a talented street and nature/wildlife photographer based in Kyoto capturing the diverse landscape of Japan in the most ethereal way I have ever seen.

I highly recommend you to check out his Instagram page for an absolute stunning showcase of Japanese scenery:

NEW MIX – From Dubai With Love

Volume 1 “Land of The Rising Sun” :

“Whispers Wonder” is Volume 2 of my original Japanese mix “Land of the Rising Sun”

Special care was taken with this one whereby each track was carefully hand picked and harmonically strung together to create a rich and beautiful listening experience for you.
It is my hope that you will really enjoy this and that it enhances your time relaxing at home, going on a run, playing games, driving along the highway or where ever life takes you.

If you do like any of the tracks featured in this mix, do what I did, and purchase them at Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp or directly from the label to support and grow the artists so they can continue to make more amazing music in the future.

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MIRROR LINK:!h9wXUbRa!6_idGjmkWJB4uTKtY84Klrw7PmaU7iMXY_Q4NW7-SMA

00:00:00 | Shingo Nakamura – Thousands of Sounds
00:07:14 | Shingo Nakamura – Hakodate (Digital Sizable Remix)
00:12:09 | Kyohei Akagawa – As No World Idealized (KIWAMU Remix)
00:17:16 | Masanori Yasuda – Kalo Eidos (Kyohei Akagawa Remix)
00:22:59 | KIWAMU – Antidepressant (Kenji Sekiguchi Remix)
00:28:09 | Shingo Nakamura – Alice In Wonderland (Luiz B. Remix)
00:33:25 | Shingo Nakamura – Metro Tour
00:37:10 | Shingo Nakamura feat. Kana vs A.M.R feat. Ai Takekawa – Whispers Wonder (Ruw’s Underground Mashup)
00:42:40 | Vitodito feat. Ai Takekawa – Koori (Progressive Mix vs Edu Remix) [Ruw’s Underground Mashup]
00:47:52 | Shingo Nakamura – Blue Light
00:53:19 | Shingo Nakamura – Behind The Sunset (2007 Mix vs Original Mix) [Ruw’s Underground Mashup]
01:00:57 | Nhato – Far East Garden
01:06:27 | 19 Hz – Round & Round (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
01:11:44 | KIWAMU – Elegance
01:18:22 | KIWAMU – Life Style (Kyohei Akagawa Remix)
01:23:14 | 7 Skies – Sushi
01:29:02 | Shingo Nakamura – Sapporo (Talamanca Remix)
01:34:21 | Shingo Nakamura – Days (Nhato Remix)
01:39:33 | Taishi – Boundary Layer
01:45:22 | Kenji Sekiguchi – Fading Dusk
01:50:42 | Shingo Nakamura & Kazusa – Move On (Sundriver Remix)
01:56:58 | Ayumi Hamasaki – Whatever (Ferry Corsten Remix)
02:02:43 | Hiroyuki Oda – Transmigration (2011 Mix)
02:07:52 | Ayumi Hamasaki – UNITE! (Airwave Remix)
02:13:41 | Ayumi Hamasaki – M (Above & Beyond Vocal Mix)
02:19:37 | Shingo Nakamura – Small Image

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  1. Very cool,awesome ,clear ,absolutly this mixtrack ……shingo you are proudly from asia .you 're real DJ progressive house…..respect
    ( I come from thailand ) shingo nakamura are great oriental DJ…. Hokori ni omou sukoi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is literally one of my favorite mixes ever. I can't tell you how many times I sit at work and listen to the whole thing all the way through. Thank you for putting this beauty together!!

  3. very solid set; and really need to get myself to Japan to experience the wonders that the country has to offer (as well as the superb progressive house scene!).