Alien Nation – Intro
Gemini 6 – Skysoaring
True Love – Breath Of Stars
Effective Force – Diamond Bullet
Cosmic Baby – Cosmikk Trigger I
Cosmic Baby – Oh Supergirl
Microglobe – High On Hope
Voov – Strobe Light
Futurhythm – Transmanic
Cosmic Baby – The Space Track
Humate – Love Stimulation (Lovemix)
Cosmic Baby – Heaven’s Tears
The Visions Of Shiva – How Much Can You Take? (Physical)
Cosmic Baby – Sweet Dreams For Kaa
Loopzone – Natural High
The Visions Of Shiva – Perfect Night


This special MFS Original Soundtrack was compiled and mixed live by Germany’s leading trance house DJ Paul van Dyk.
The selection of music represents a wide cross section of styles available in the MFS catalogue.

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  1. I had this on CD, got burgled and it was stolen.
    I've listed to this in various states, LSD, E, Speed, Drunk, Stoned, Sober and various combinations.
    It still sounds great, propa music to listen to.