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This Videocourse is…

...neither a Masterclass

This Course is not a masterclass, where you can learn everything up to the deepest mysteries of customizing ChidThemes with CSS. Or even learn how to make your own Themes or Plugins. If you are searching something like that, you are at the wrong place.


... nor a Simple Installation Guide

Which shows you how to install WordPress, install a Plugin and a Theme in 3 videos of 5 Minutes, and then leaves you alone.


... but

it gives you a good overview of nearly the whole WordPress backend, and covers some the functionality of some essential Plugins which you should know about. The course shows you what is important when you want to use WordPress and not only want to install it.

The Videos are…


Well Named

All videos are well named, so you can see immediatlly which Videos you are interested in, and which not.  For example: If you already made 20 WP-Installations, you know how to install a plugin.


Well Compressed

We compressed all the videos to .mp4 format, and divided the course into 2 Parts, so its on you to decide wether you want to download both ! Both parts together have 57 tutorial videos and about 300 MB


The Course is completely Free. You don’t have to pay a dime for it. Why not give it a try ? If you are a WordPress Beginner, you can learn very much from the course. If you are an Intermediate WordPress user, there also is a good chance that you can learn something from it.

Why do you wait any longer ?