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Because I love making electronic music, and I also think that music touches the heart and the emotions of everyone, I decided to publish my music here, song by song and day by day. 

If you like electronic music listen to one ore more of my songs. If you like it, you can download it and hear it everywhere !

Electronic music is my passion !

F.J. McDonald 

Hi, I’m F.J. McDonald, born on March 15, 2003, in Berlin, Germany. As a techno musician and producer, I’m passionate about blending classic techno beats with modern electronic innovations. Growing up in Berlin, a city renowned for its electronic music scene, I was immersed in its rich musical heritage from an early age. I started experimenting with music production at 14, quickly developing a sound that combines deep, pulsating basslines with intricate synth patterns and ethereal melodies.

By the time I turned 18, I had already built a following on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube, where my tracks gained attention for their innovative sound design and emotional depth. My debut EP, “Neon Dreams,” released in 2022, was a critical success and helped establish me as a rising star in the techno community.

My live performances are known for their immersive, high-energy experiences, often featuring visually stunning light shows and cutting-edge audio technology. I’ve had the opportunity to perform at major festivals like Tomorrowland and Berghain, always striving to push the boundaries of the genre with every release.

With a passion for both music and technology, I see myself not only as a musician but as a visionary artist, constantly exploring new ways to engage and inspire my audience.

F.J. McDonald

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I think music is something which is touching everyones heart and emotions. So if you like the song your heared above. You can download it here for free.